"ERRATA." Artist’s book (2020)

“The Nature of this Room” Catalogue (2019)

“Geometries of Silence” Catalogue (2018) 

"She Looks into Me" photobook (2018)

"ZONA" photobook (2015)

Wolf Maps - "Destroyed" (official video), 2015
from "Purity"; Label Futuresequence

Ametsub - "Vestige for Wind Day" (official video), 2013
from "All is Silence"; Label nothings66

Trailer for "Stuck" short-film by Jesse Freeman, 2014

"How we eat our young" Booklet, 2013

"State of Mind" photobook (2013)

"From Russia with Love" Installation video, 2012

"Caindo depressa de um sonho" booklet, 2011