"Nuno Moreira is more well known as a photographer and art director however he also makes wonderful collages, sophisticated images that are rooted in a surreal aesthetic and draw from his love of cinema, art and graphic design.

In many ways these images represent an opposite, are a deliberate escape from the camera, the computer screen, in an effort to explore different ways of thinking; of being physical, using a scissors and glue, retaining a tactile relationship with the world. They are a divergence, a deviation, a spin out of a controlled design environment into an automatic subconscious that instinctively feels its way through the visual stimuli of the contemporary world; advertisements, books, magazines.

Moreira brings years of design practice to these collages. He understands the fundamentals of form and composition and how images work in juxtaposition to each other. Has a vast visual resource in his head to draw from, these seemingly arbitrary connections the product of a mind that’s been mining the visual world for years. And while his pictures are humorous, quirky and light-hearted they do occasionally provoke, delve into contemporary social issues such as sex, religion, gender inequality and sexual exploitation."

Moray Mair – for Mutantspace (April 2014)