> (Nov 25) Próximo Sábado, pelas 12h, estarei no Arquivo Fotográfico Municipal De Lisboa na Feira do Livro de Fotografia de Lisboa - Lisbon's Photobook Fair - para apresentar em primeira-mão o novo livro ZONA; A feira irá decorrer de Sexta a Domingo com diferentes actividades, sendo que o livro estará em pré-venda na mesa dos autores.
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Next Saturday, from 12h, I'll be at Arquivo Fotográfico Municipal de Lisboa in Lisbon's Photobook Fair presenting in first-hand the new book ZONA; the fair will be held from Friday to Sunday with a wide program, the book will be available for pre-sale at the independent author's table.

> (Nov 15) Dear all, I'm thrilled to announce I have a new book coming out in the next months, it's entitled ZONA.
It's a work embedded with much care and thought. My most personal work to date and the one I feel more accomplished with. I know this sounds utterly like a cliché, but it's a honest cliché.
ZONA is a photography series written, sketched and fully rooted on dreams and many drawings collected from a brief but very intense period of my life in Japan. The pictures on ZONA literally "came to me" and had an urgency to be done – for that reason the essence of the project was different and somehow very special.
This time all the images derive from a single performance and everything was thought exclusively for the documentation in book format.
The result is a dark, sensual and unexpected body of photographs with a heavy symbolic nature.
Along with circa 30 images the book is a trilingual edition with exclusive texts written by José Luís Peixoto in Portuguese, English and Japanese.
Now that the book is complete I can safely say it changed my approach to making photography and opened new avenues to what I'm exploring at the present moment.
It is difficult to write extensively about subjects of the soul without feeling like a prostitute, but here are a few more words written about ZONA that can shed some light on what's coming out:

"This is about the hidden and the particular. About that which has no name. This is about trying to visualize the invisible. This is about the word and its double. This is about the mirror. This is about bringing to light the unknown. This is about the dream. This is about the now and gone. This is about that which we can see but cannot grasp. This is about the familiar and the horrible. This is about initiation and burial. This is about the space within and the limitations of the flesh. This is about the dissident and the absurd. This is about the poetry of the inexplicable and the simplicity of silence. This is about wearing the inside out."

I'm glad to share this announcement with everyone reading, the book will be available this December.
I'll promise to have more details coming very soon.

> (Sept 15) For about two years I had the pleasure of working together with friends on their new business and much anticipated dream: the renovation of an old family house into what is now a full immersive experience for the senses. It's called CASA MODESTA and located in the south of Portugal, more specifically in Olhão (Algarve). CASA MODESTA is an unparalleled project, with extremely good taste and attention to details. Here's a bit about how the the visual concept came about and the way the identity/branding was created.

> (Sept 15) Most of my days are spent reading manuscripts and designing covers for authors and publishers, some of these projects I feel satisfied with the results and glad to share them and other projects, like "DELILAH, MY WOMAN", are just one-of-a-kind chances I feel privileged to be commissioned and given 100% control.
"DELILAH, MY WOMAN" was a fantastic read and compelling story, I felt close with the characters pathos and most of the times the notes I would take for the cover design were very much linked with my own artistic production in collage. It became obvious what to do - and fortunately - the author, M.F. Sullivan, was open to my suggestion of using one of the collages for the cover and that's how a personal work gets featured in a dust-jacket for a hardcover book.
Be on the lookout for the book release next November, it's well-worth the read!

> (Sept 15) So much new work and not enough time for updates. Here is a video I just finished for WOLF MAPS from the new album "Purity" out now on limited cassette/digital through Futuresequence.

> (May 13) Because life is made of much more than just work, I accepted the invitation from friend Jesse Freeman and the people at MURO SCENTS to do a music selection of some tunes that set a mood for many of my working days here in the studio.
Listen to the mix bellow and why not check their website and order some fine incense?
Hope this brings some sonic inspiration to all hard-working friends and artists out there. Cheers!

> (Apr 13) On book cover design and visual practice: an inteview for REEDSY.

> (Mar 19) Glad to announce that it's now possible to buy ORIGINAL artworks and prints from my new online SHOP. I'm mailing the products worldwide and it's easy to secure your purchase using paypal.
Most of these are previously unseen works or never exhibited before. It's something I do on the side – pretty much a personal outlet - when not doing graphic projects or photography.
Please go check it out and consider if it looks good on your office, at home, or as a gift to someone special. It would be a pleasure to mail you a piece. Help me spread the word!!